Sitting at a window table on a Tuesday evening after a hard day’s work, it astonishes me just how powerful I am as a customer. I was tired from a long day cooking and I really wanted a window table to just sit back and enjoy my evening. I read an article the other day online about a gentlemen, and I’m using that word loosely, who posted a nasty review of a restaurant almost solely because he was seated at a table that he didn’t like. Really? Writing a bad review because you didn’t like your table? Oh I’m sorry, did somebody forget the skim milk on his Bitch Flakes this morning? Now, pardon for me being blunt, but writing a negative review of a restaurant based solely on where you were seated is a slap in the face to the culinarian who spent more hours in the kitchen in the past week than you did in the last calendar year.

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The greatest day of the year for sitting on your couch and stuffing your face with delicious food is almost upon us. Yes, my friends, Super Bowl Sunday, our nation's most official unofficial holiday is just over one week away. Second only to Thanksgiving, Super Bowl Sunday is the second largest day of American food consumption. As much as you all know from Top Chef, I'm the biggest football fan ever, let's go Atlanta Braves! (half-joking). In an effort to help foster some chest-pumping, pigskin-spirit, we thought we'd throw some recipes and party ideas your way throughout this week so you can gear up for the big game come February 6th.

Super Bowl Artichoke and Parmesan Dip

Chef Ryan Scott

Yield: 1 Super Bowl

Ingredients: 1 3-ounce package of Cream Cheese (softened)

1/2 cup Parmesan Cheese (grated)

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