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Blog 3 # How a coffee grinder works

Blog 3 # How a coffee grinder works

Have you ever worked a coffee grinder before? No? Well, buying a coffee grinder is not enough, you need to learn its mechanics to work it efficiently too. A coffee grinder requires a little more training than working a coffee machine and if you don’t want your coffee to taste bitter then it would be advisable for you to master this skill quickly.

So, how does a coffee grinder even work? Do you just pour in the coffee beans and start it? Let’s start by discussing the different types of coffee grinders and how each of them functions. If you are looking for a good coffee maker, you can check out ninja coffee bar.

Burr Grinder

Whether it is a manual burr grinder or an electric burr grinder, both of the more or less the same mechanics. A burr grinder has two burrs outs of which one burr is attached to the grinder and the other to the motor or the rotating handle. When you turn on your burr grinder, it grinds the coffee beans and then pushes the fine powder through a chute into the door with the help of the rotating paddle.

If you want to adjust your burr grinder, you would need to move the burrs closer or farther away from each other. If you want a coarser grind, then move the burrs away from each other and if you want a finer grind, then move the burrs towards each other. You can make this adjustment by turning the knob on the side of the grinder body. For this adjustment, you will need to first unlock the grinder and then make the desired changes. Make sure that you don’t forget to lock the grinder back once done with the settings to avoid the grind settings from shifting.

Blade Grinder

A blade grinder uses rotating metal blades to chop up the coffee beans into smaller fragments. This type of coffee grinder comes with a plastic top that can easily cover a coffee bean reservoir. The metal blades are seated directly in the middle of the reservoir and the beans are poured into this reservoir. Once that is done, the top is placed back on to avoid any ground coffee spills.

You might need to put some pressure on the top or the button to make the blade spin. Now, with a blade grinder, you won’t get an evenly ground coffee so it would be better to grind your coffee beans in batches instead of dumping the whole thing at once.

So, once you have put an adequate amount of coffee beans in the reservoir, put the lid back on and press the button to start the grinder. If you want a coarser grind, then you can just grind your coffee beans for 8-10 seconds but if you want a finer grind, then you would need to grind your coffee beans for 10-12 seconds multiple times. Since a blade grinder uses metal blades to chop up the beans, they tend to produce a high temperature which can affect the coffee aroma and flavor.

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